Hey, before I start answering your questions for Carver High School's news paper, I just wanted to thank you for not only listening to what I have to say—but sharing it with our classmates. It'd mean a lot to me if you or any one else got something out of how I feel.

Alright so, what do I value above all else? That's heavy, but actually I've been thinking a lot about what I put weight in. I'll give you the short answer: loyalty to self and loyalty to your crew. I just went through some struggles that taught me this. Oh, you'd like me to tell you about what happened to me? Yeah, I don't mind sharing.

The drama all started the first day we came back from winter break. I know most people dread Mondays, but I was sailing on cloud nine. I couldn't wait to see my crew! I'm sure you've seen us gathered around the flagpole at the center of campus. Haha, I guess that is why they call us the Flagpole Group.

Even though I was an hour early for first bell all my friends were there: Penny Poison, Matti Macrabre, and Elijah Gore. My main man is Zach Attack, he's the violet and marigold Rawr that likes to goof off during class. I straight up flew to the ground and tackled him that morning! It's cool though since we wrestle all the time. I've known him since pre-k he knows I try and sneak up on him sometimes.

Hannah Danger whistled at us as a joke since Zach and I were tangled up pretty good. That got my attention. I'll be honest with you, I've had a crush on Hannah Danger since middle school. She's my type for sure... hot pink and zebra stripes. She's the only Rawr I know that can pull off a pixie cut. Sorry was I rambling?

I came early to talk to her since I heard she was dumped by Ryan Riot over winter break. She was crazy about Ry, there's no way she wasn't taking it hard. I never got a chance to talk to her though. Her girlfriends never left her side—like moths to a flame! I'd have to wait until lunch.

When I told Zach about the sour gummy worms I brought for Hannah he told me to “make a move or move on.” I brought the candy to cheer her up, they're her favorite. Besides she just went through a breakup. What kind of guy would I be to swoop in when she's low? That comment really bothered me and I said so. Zach just shrugged it off. He's never serious for long.

Class moved by at a snail's pace before finally, finally the lunch bell rang. I practically inhaled my lunch so that I could race outside to see Hannah. She was by the flagpole, like I figured, but there were some Preps harassing her. They were teasing her for crying. Saying some nasty things about her character. I don't normally use my wings against others—there aren't many of us with wings, but I stirred up a dust cloud and sprayed them with dirt. Preps absolutely hate when their hair gets messed up. That sent them running to the bathroom to fix the disaster.

Hannah gave me the cutest smile when I sat down with her. She thanked me for getting rid of those annoying witches. I would have done it for anyone in my crew though. You have to be loyal to your friends and stand up for them when they can't. Anyway, we shared the bag of gummy worms I brought. It was nice to hear her laugh.

That night there was going to be a show at the Turntable. The Turntable is an old house that's been gutted and used to put on emo/metal/grunge shows. Everyone in my crew was going. I chatted with my friends on AIM to make sure everyone could make it. Hannah actually put a heart when she asked if I was coming. What's weird is that when I got the black “x” marked on my paw and walked into the main stage room Hannah was giving me the cold shoulder. I tried to approach her several times, but it always ended up one of my Flagpole friends would intercept me to mosh with them or wait with them while they had a smoke break. I eventually just gave up talking to her and enjoyed the shows.

There was a break before the last band played, this is when I went to the roof. I like the view way up there with the stars above me and everyone I care about chilling on the lawn. Looking down I thought I saw Zach's bright yellow tail tip disappear behind a cluster of bushes. I got this great idea to dive bomb him from the sky like this morning. Except when I moved for a better view I saw Zach with Hannah! It was dark but I definitely could tell they were kissing behind those bushes.

I still can't wrap my brain around why he'd betray me like that. I'm his best friend. He knew I had a crush on her for years. I was so upset I just went home after that. Later I tried texting and messaging Zach letting him know I KNEW what he did but he wouldn't answer me.

The next day I flew to school like a bullet out of a gun. I'm pretty sure I scared the daylights out of Zach because he pressed himself against the flagpole when I flew down in front of him. I was mad but I wasn't going to hurt him. I just needed to know WHY he'd do that to me.

You know what he told me? He said life's too short not to go for what you want. If I wasn't going to make a move on Hannah he was. Unbelievable. I growled through my teeth that we were through. There is nothing more important than loyalty to your friends.

Don't worry about me though. It came up that Zach had signed into my AIM account to tell Hannah that I wasn't interested in her. He must have waited until I signed out to head out to the show before he signed in. I cleared it up with her that I would have never said those things. Hannah and all of the Flagpole Group collectively ignored Zach after what went down. He eventually got his folks to help him switch schools.

Your friends will be there for you in your darkest moments. Never betray their trust. Remain loyal and you'll be rewarded with the best life anyone could ask for.

No worries, I can answer one last question. Tell you about my personality? I dunno I don't want to sound like I'm bragging or anything. How about I split it up into my strengths and weaknesses? That way it's a better picture of the real me.

I want to start with weaknesses first. I'm not ashamed of my weaknesses. After the story you just heard you can see that I tend to trust too easily. If you're my friend I share everything with you: snacks, my secrets, even my AIM passwords. I'm learning I need to set more boundaries for myself. Aside from that I'm also lazy. I know I can achieve more in school, but I just don't care for structured education. I never do homework and sometimes I skip classes. If I don't believe in something I won't put any effort into it, ya know? You can put down over-thinking as one of my weaknesses too.

My strengths, well, there is the obvious. I'm smart. I learn things quickly and easily, which is why I can ignore homework and skip class but still ace tests. I also don't care what others think of me outside my friends group. I started a math club because there wasn't one and I didn't care if that labeled me a “nerd”. I'm adventurous, exploring abandoned buildings or climbing roofs. My friends would say I am encouraging. If you're having a bad day I'm there if you want to talk or come hang at my place.

Did I give you enough for your article? That's awesome. Hit me up if you need any more details from me. See ya around campus!

Since I've moved schools I'm gonna need a whole new crew to hang out with. I'm open to getting to know all types of personalities. If you think we'd be good friends shoot a message to BlueEyedKite. Thanks!